Afternoon Light

Grandparents in the glow and comfort of home serenity and the Mexican oil tablecloth blessed by the light and kindness of family.

Holding Light

Under the outstretched cosmos, I became swaddled by life under the rooted Grandfather Tree.

Lenticular Kiss

The priming formation of a sky kiss above dancing sunflowers and the sacred Peaks.

Tumbleweed Crossing

Desperate tumbleweed cross a known path of trio clarity during an eruption of sand storm on a journey home after the Shiprock Fair.

Willie Waylon and Me, Trouble on Hwy 160

In day’s past, I rode the highway of their songs done with love of brothers and music.

Monument Symphony

Into the theater of ancient temples, the late light of the valley completes a beautiful dusty play of dancing dust devils at the raven’s setting.